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Intervju: Vem är Suzete Timba?

Hej Suzete! Nu har jobbat på Archus i fem månader nu. Hur går det?
– I did not even realise it has been 5 months already. It has been great! People in the office are very nice, kind and always ready to help and support. I already got the chance to work on different types of projects and it feels good, getting involved in different phases of different projects.

Berätta lite om din bakgrund.
– I am from Mozambique and have been living in Sweden since 2015. Before that I studied architecture and urbanism in Maputo, worked for 1 year and then decided to explore what Sweden had to offer. After studying in Lund for 2 years I decided to try out on the Swedish market and turns out I was a fit! Have been working ever since and now I am super excited to be a part of the Archus team!

Varför vill du arbeta i Sverige? 
– One of the main reasons I decided to move to Sweden was the fact that all the things I learned at school, either in Maputo or in Lund, where already being explored and applied on the cityscape, on real time. All the sustainability goals did not just make nice text on books, everyone is interested and working hard to make good use of the strategies. Plus my first project in Lund was about sustainable urban design, and the fact that I could actually design a sustainable neighbourhood and have clear examples of places using the same techniques in the country inspired me more than everything.

Var finner du din inspiration?
– I really like storytelling. How one with different skills can translate their perception of their works to the outsider. So that always inspires me on a project, a new opportunity to tell a new story and change things. “Stories with the power to change the world! “

Vad var det som lockade med Archus?
– The diversity on projects being worked on, the diversity of services it offers and the hunger. It feels like Archus is very hungry and wants to make really nice projects and everyone is working hard for that. That for me sounded like the perfect environment to be working at.

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