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About Archus

From the first stroke of the pen to the final nail, we can offer both breadth and depth. This makes us a consultant and partner that holds. In every measure. Archus is the architect and advisor that takes the idea to the finished project and guides you through the entire process.

Archus har jobbat med arkitekturen för hotellet The winery hotel

One group, four service areas and 100 experts

At Archus, there are specialist competencies from start to finish. Thanks to our four strong service areas Business Development, Architecture, Project and Construction Management, and Transaction Advisory, we take responsibility from business development and financing to design, planning, and project implementation.

Business Development

Business development is about pushing through projects, from idea to completion; a challenge that takes both experience and competence. To us, it is about creating the right values for the right target group, knowledge of the possibilities of the property and understanding of how different operators act.


The buildings in the future are the result of the innovativeness of today. To design housing, schools, offices, hotels, retail or infrastructure is part of our daily routine as well as working with analyses, project planning, interior design and landscape design. By doing this, it gives us an integrated approach of architecture, inside and out.

Project and Construction Management

We implement the project by way of independent developer representative and ensure that the project is carried out correctly. With high competence within project management and great commitment, we guarantee a smooth and secure process from building permit to keys finally in the door.

Transaction Advisory

Fundamentally, our transaction advisory is about conveying the specific requirements of the object and create clarity and security for the recipient. By interacting, we understand the possibilities and risks regardless of when during the process the deal is completed.

A company with a 35-year history

Archus was founded in 1986 with the drive to be large enough to take on projects that change communities. An inheritance we refine every day.

Like many other companies, Archus was started by chance, but since then the plan has been clear and precise – this architecture firm would be large enough to take on extensive projects that changed communities. And so it became.

Now that Archus has celebrated its 35th anniversary, we can confirm that numerous ideas have been realized, and we look forward to continuing to work with a whole array of community-developing ideas. Because it will not be as it has always been – development, change, and encountering the unknown are part of Archus’s driving forces that have brought us to where we are today.

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Gustav Källén

Group CEO

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